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Diamond Walraven

Introduction to Diamond Walraven

Hira Walraven is dedicated to provide product systems (Hanging support systems, Anchors) and services of the highest quality to its customers in the construction/MEP sector by forging a successful partnership with them, exceeding their expectations, and gaining their trust through outstanding performance.

Diamond Pipe Supports, a division of Hira Industries that manufactures Pipe Support Systems is now called Diamond Walraven as both companies join hands to serve the Gulf region with their huge line of pipe support products.


Authorized Distributor in Pakistan

In Pakistan, AFKO Global Engineering (Pvt) Limited is an authorized Distributor of Diamond Walraven (Manufactured by Hira Walraven) products and services in Pakistan.
AFKO Global Engineering (Pvt) Limited is fully authorized and responsible for all marketing, Sales, Engineering, and services (designing & training) of all DIAMOND WALRAVEN products

AFKO Global Engineering (Pvt) Limited is fulfilling the DIAMOND WALRAVEN standards on sales, marketing, engineering, services (designing & training) and other technical support.

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Diamond Walraven product line

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